The front parts of the items in this collection refer to the image of a film strip, their rhythmic structure - to the dynamics of the frame change.

The items are named - frame 1, frame 2 and then sequentially based on the logic of their appearance in the collection's plot. The tilt of the legs is a metaphor for the illusion of cinematography.
Laconic, but at the same time emotional objects, functional in both public and private interiors.

The collection is supposed to be made of plywood and steel, the coating is enamel.

The starting point for the development of the collection was the rethinking of Henri Matisse's graphics.


Simple shapes, graceful lines, pure emotions. Utilitarian application of images from art.

All items in this collection are not what they seem. They are laconic, but multifaceted. Functional, but also emotional. They are designed to beautify everyday life.

The elements of the items in this collection are correlated with the axonometric projection axes. The subject is the point that defines the space around.


The verified lines are aesthetic, ergonomic, emotional.

The collection was formed under the influence of romanticism of flights and constructivism of aircraft construction. It combines engineering principles with artistic principles. The speaking names of each object emphasize their imagery - Galaxy, Cloud, Eclipse and others.

Each piece is a balance between an industrial approach to design and treating objects as art objects. All items are thought out from the point of view of the possibility of their production. All objects are filled with meanings.